Irish Scientific Research Is Investigating How Bats Can Slow Down Ageing Process

female scientist with microscope

Human beings often face many health challenges in old age, but new research can give insight about staying healthy in old age. Researchers at the University College Dublin have conducted a study with the aim of investigating why bats live longer compared to other mammals. How do these bats slow down ageing?

The researchers hope to use their study in the long term to help create knowledge about how humans too can slow down the ageing process. If ever this can be possible, human life can be extended since people will be capable of living healthy lifestyles despite old age. The scientists back their claim from the findings of their study involving bats.

Naturally, the health conditions of senior people significantly differ from individuals who are still young.    As age takes a toll on human life, individual cells within the body eventually die, and the health of that person also deteriorates. Ultimately, death visits older people since their bodies cannot continue renewing themselves like people who are still young.…

Molecular Medicine Ireland’s Broad Reach In Biomedical Research Programmes

Biomedical Research Ireland

Molecular Medicine Ireland provides support and guidance across the Irish biomedical research industry. This is all possible thanks to links with the NUI Galway, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland. Then there are the partnerships with Trinity College Dublin, University College Cork, and University College Dublin.

The impact of Molecular Medicine Ireland is on the work achieved with other institutions across the country. These collaborations work to improve the research and development of important projects.

In some cases, these projects are bold approaches to patient care and cancer treatment. In others, they are more subtle changes to improve industry standards and the reputation of Ireland more generally.…