The Inaugural TEDx Talk Event At Trinity College Dublin

Tedx Talk Dublin

The TED Talk is a modern day phenomenon that has captured the interest and imagination of people across the world. The premise is simple. A speaker has a stage upon which to present an idea to a wider audience.

With a name that means technology, entertainment and design, there is a wide range of potential subjects and demographics to target here. The videos reach an audience that expands beyond the auditorium.

The creation of the TEDx Talks takes this to a new level. Subjects and symposiums on a theme are now brought together with different speakers with a key interest in common.

On March 28th, this occurred at Trinity College Dublin. Here they held their first TEDx event at the Tercentenary Theatre of the Trinity Biomedical Sciences Institute.…

Environment Ireland 2016 Provides A Stark Warning On Climate Change Efforts

Environment Ireland 2016

The Environment Ireland 2016 event in Croke Park, Dublin, was more than just a gathering of like-minded people on the subject of climate change. It was a chance for politicians, industry experts, activists and more to learn and be more clearly heard.

Some of the proposals and facts presented will be of little surprise to those in the know. Others highlight the actual impact of climate change and how much Ireland needs to up its game in response.

Change needs to come quickly and efficiently, but current goals are lacking, and the goalposts can seem far away.…

Intel’s Technological Partnerships In Ireland

Intel in Ireland

There is a theory called Moore’s Law that has come to be quite valuable to the developers of Intel. It states that the numbers of transistors that can fit onto a silicon chip will double every 18 months.

The accuracy of this 50-year-old statement means that there is a continual need for research and development.

Intel’s ventures into Ireland show how important it is for the company to branch out into new research projects and partnerships.…

A Guide About STD Testing Services In Ireland

STD Testing Services In Ireland

Many young people in Ireland won’t want to talk about STIs and other sexual health issues.

Some will be too embarrassed by the idea of talking about sexual activity and potential problems. Others will face discrimination over their actions. This leads to an at-risk group in need of better STI testing and education.

There is an apparent problem with STIs in Ireland. Gonorrhea has increased by 52%, 4,100 of over 8,500 cases in 2016 were for Chlamydia. Male cases on the rise, particularly with Gonorrhea. This all highlights the importance of strong, reliable STI testing in the country.