Opportunity For The Public To Mingle and Listen To EU Researchers

European Researchers’ Night

EU Researchers’ Nights are public events committed to bringing researchers closer to the public. They highlight the diversity of research and show the impact of research on our daily lives. The aim is to encourage young people to embark on research careers. The events support how researchers contribute to our society by demonstrating their work in an engaging and interactive forum.

From 2018-2019, 55 projects have been completed in 371 cities across Europe and beyond. During the 2018 Night, around 1.5 million visitors attended!  This year’s calls to submit proposals has finished.  The 2019 event took place on Friday 27 September.

The call for the 2020 edition of the European Researchers’ Night will be announced on 8 October 2019. The last date for accepting applications will be 9 January 2020.

Who Can Apply?

European Researchers’ Night grants could be given to any legal entity set in an EU Member State or Associated Country. Legal entities include the coordination of activities between worldwide, national, regional, or local partners.

Beneficiaries’ profiles may involve public and private research organizations, companies, schools, public authorities, parent-teacher organizations, science museums, EU mobility centres for researchers, foundations, or the media.

What Can Be Funded?

Any activity or event that fosters general awareness of the positive role of research in society, especially one of young people is eligible for funding.

EU-funded researchers, invited to participate and communicate as much as possible with visitors. By demonstrating their projects and encouraging the use of research.

What Does Funding Cover?

The financing covers any expenses connected to the organization of a research outreach event. It may cover the preparation such event, on an awareness campaign, pre-events, the event itself, and the assessment of its impact. These activities may include:

  • hands-on experiments conducted by investigators
  • science shows with public involvement
  • disagreements
  • ” researchers’ speed dating”(meet EU researchers and ask questions)
  • competitions (like games, puzzles, science quizzes,
  • photo and art competitions, etc.)
  • workshops for kids
  • science slams
  • guided visits of research institutes, labs, and other relevant areas that are usually closed to the public

The value of grants differs according to the scale of these events proposed.

Who Decides?

All projects are selected with transparent, open, and independent analysis. The competition uses a series of pre-determined standards (recorded in the call for proposals).

How Do We Apply?

Organizations must submit a proposal in response for proposals.

The EU Researchers’ Night’s call is available through the “Get Funding” page of the site.

Overview of EU Researchers’ Night 2019

Jyväskylä’s University hosted the European Researchers’ Night on 27 September, with Europe and 11 other locations in Finland. During one day and night, visitors can participate in various sorts of panel discussions, workshops, and exhibitions as EU researchers welcome the public. All events are free of charge.

This year the multidisciplinary program provides a variety of things to learn and do for the whole family. During the day, kids may go to the Accelerator Laboratory, team up to solve crimes with the help of chemistry research and play volleyball and large cubes.

For adults, there are exciting lectures and workshops about wellbeing at work, psychology, literature, and workplace psychology. In Ruusupuisto, you can answer PISA research questions and, led by environmental and ecological psychologists, practice how to get energy from nature. Adults can participate in sports activities with children and understand how physical activity progresses over the lifespan.

Please find the program and the program here.

Due to repair work in the yard, the junction of the Liikunta building will closed from noon on Friday, 27 September. Those arriving at Researcher’s Night by car were advised to park their cars the parking lot behind the Liikunta building (Keskussairaalantie) or in Hippos.

European Researchers’ Night took place at the place at the same time with the City of Light event. When visiting the campus area, visitors could enjoy multiple installations and light-themed events.

From campus area, you can buy refreshments and food from Semma cafeterias during the event. The canteens will have extended opening hours.

Below is a list of events.

European Researchers Night 2019 at Otaniemi in Startup Sauna

Paths to innovation – how to build an impact from science?

Science will save the world! Applied to science. Climate change, air pollution, suffering water systems, and health hazards: it´s easy to get overwhelmed by all the massive problems around. We have accepted the challenge!

Solving problems needs thinking big and setting oneself on the line as a research specialist, engineer, and an individual.  VTT researcher, and Atte Harjanne, On stage Member of Parliament from the Greens, Pekka Tuominen, Smart Built Environment expert. Topic: Climate change and energy solutions.

Come and listen to pitches from the researchers of VTT about their innovative science-based solutions to global challenges. You will hear, regarding next-generation leather without animals, cheese without cows, and energy storage materials protecting the environment.

Refreshments and snacks will be provided! Limited number of seats, be an early bird!


Welcome and Introduction Vafa, to Researchers Night Järnefelt, Research Scientist, VTT

Solving problems requires thinking big!

VTT researcher, and Atte Harjanne. Built Environment researcher Pekka Tuominen, On stage Member of Parliament from the Greens. Discussion topic: Climate change and energy solutions.

Atte is a first-term MP, member of the city council of Helsinki, researcher, and, most of all, a great advocate of science-based climate strategy. Pekka has a solid experience in energy technology and economics with more than a decade of R&D experience.

Pitches from the iBEX research teams of VTT on how they’re solving international exponential challenges with science

Wrap up

Time: 16:00 to 18:00

Location: Startup Sauna (Betonimiehenkuja 3D, Espoo)

Contact: Hanna-Leena Ottelin

VTT’s Pop-Up Laboratory To Recognize Balloon Explosion And Make Fiber Foaming

Have you ever noticed how the crash of the toy cars looks like in slow-motion? How about the crushing of the grapes? You have a chance to see like these through speed cameras at VTT’s pop-up laboratory. You can bring your small toy cars to the test!

Do you know how to obtain foam from wood fibers and for what that can be used? Come and make your foam and cards like Father’s day!

Time: 17:00 – 21:00

Location: the Ylistönrinne’s YO-building, student lab, Survontie 9, 40500 Jyväskylä

Contact: Tiinamari Seppänen

Black sand and black soldier fly larvae

Why there is lots of bubbling sand in the power plant boiler? How is electricity convert into fuels? Do you know how black soldier fly larvae seem to be and how they can be used in the circular economy? Come and find out answers to those questions and come and see living insects in VTTs stand at Agora!

Time: 15.00 – 21.00

Location: Agora lobby, Mattilanniemi 2, 40100 Jyväskylä

Contact Person: Tiinamari Seppänen

Tutkijoiden yö 2019 Jyväskylässä, Koko Ohjelma: www.jyu.fi/fi/akateemiset-tapahtumat/tutkijoiden-yo

Printable electronics in a flexible way

The researchers of VTT display LED membranes and solar cells printed on organic and flexible surfaces to produce different solutions. On event are OPV and other layers fresh from the printer, electro chrome displays, a solar cell doll’s house and LED light membranes.

Time: 17.00–21.00

Location: Linnanmaan campus, Oulun yliopisto. Sisäänkäynti Erkki Kiss-Kanttilan kadulta ovi 2T.

Contact Person: Sirpa Nordman

Tutkijoiden yö 2019 Oulussa, Koko ohjelma: www.oulu.fi/yliopisto/node/59238

VTT MIKES Staff at EU Researchers Night 2019

You’re welcome to see VTT MIKES stand at Researchers Night 2019 organized in Kauppapaikka 18 Kajaani. There you can view and learn how force is measure.

A new clock describing Finland’s time UTC (MIKE), preserved by atomic clocks in Kajaani and Otaniemi, is present. The clock will be place at an appropriate place in Kajaani for helping citizens (visit www.mikes.fi for the best way to synchronize your personal computer using our public NTP support ). A smaller model of the working force machine and build-up system for measuring force at the MN range is present at VTT’s stand. Please visit and see.

Time: 17.00–20.00

Location: Kauppakatu 18, Kauppapaikka 18, Kajaani

Contact: Petri Koponen

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