The Future Of Robotics And The Internet In Ireland’s Smart Homes

The smart home is something that many homeowners strive towards in Ireland, and that goal has become more and more obtainable.

Developments in technology, AI, robotics and software mean that it is easier than ever to create the ideal home. We now have a diverse range of helpful, accessible devices, rather than a few novelties for the rich and famous.

Here are some of the key ways that homes will become smarter and more helpful in coming days:

Robotic Cleaners And Other Convenient Little Helpers

One of the first things that any Ireland homeowner will ask about when considering a smart home is robotics. At what point do we find ourselves in a home with a robot maid that can do all the tough household jobs for us?

While companies are developing humanoid, functional robots – many in Japan – there are still accessible devices. The one that will spring to mind first is the Roomba. This clever little robotic vacuum has been around for a while now and has only become smarter.

Of course, brand diversity and competition means that it is not just the Roomba out there. There are lots of brands and machines with the own smart tools. Some have sophisticated mapping software while others know how to use a mop.

Robotics Smart Home

A network of connected smart devices to make life at home much easier.

The growth in smart devices for the Irish home doesn’t stop with cleaning appliances. There are many different gadgets for a smart home designed to make life easier. They range from the tiny, with the robotic alarm clocks, to the massive, like the smart fridge.

There are some scare stories around about smart fridges and toasters spying on us and sharing information. However, the right device can help. The adaptive ones learn habits and provide helpful information. This is all achieved through a cohesive connection of appliances across the home – better known as the internet of things.

Hubs and thermostats to keep homeowners secure and comfortable at all times.

At the heart of these systems are hubs and devices that help with the running of the home. A clever system can work in the background, overseeing Ireland’s smart homes and improving living conditions.

Again, there is one product that will immediately stand out to many consumers, and that is the Nest thermostat. These systems work with wireless connections and apps to run the home’s heating systems on a cycle. This lets users take a step back with peace of mind, but also offer remote customization where required.

While many have heard of the Nest, and related competitors, fewer consumers are aware of smart home locking systems. It is now possible to program the home to deadbolt the doors while users are in bed.

Clever entertainment set-ups to enhance the user experience.

Best Smart Home in IrelandIt is not just about convenience in household tasks and reliable heating for the best smart home in Ireland. There is also a desire for the best possible entertainment system.

Many homes are now using devices like the Amazon Echo to control televisions, music systems and more. Still, those devices could do with an upgrade too.

The potential for smart televisions with apps and wireless connections has grown considerably, as has their placement in a room. Those that don’t want a big screen TV permanently out in the bedroom can see it disappear in clever storage. Those that want the full experience can have a screen in a four poster bed style cubicle. It is all about choices.

The other interesting alternative for those really into futuristic tech is the transparent smart TV. When it is on, it shows media perfectly. When it is off, users can see straight through it.

Smart homes are no longer the future for Ireland properties.

These ideas were once futuristic, but these types of hubs and systems are now a part of many homes. Touchscreens and voice activation used to be foreign, but now they are sought after.

The rise of the robotic device, helpful app and wireless connectivity has changed the way homes can work for us. Transparent TVs and smart fridges may see over the top right now, but other features may soon be the norm.

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