Inventions From Ireland That Had Global Impact

Inventions From Ireland

Inventions from Ireland play a vital role for mankind. Today, we are going to mention several of them for the education of our readers.

1. The Bacon Rasher By Henry Denny in 1820

An essential part of this ‘full Irish,’ the bacon rasher, was founded by Henry Denny, a Waterford butcher. Denny secured numerous bacon-curing tactics and completely re-invented the procedure of how to cure bacon. Before this, bacon has been cured by soaking huge chunks of meat in brine.  Denny chose to use long flat pieces of meat rather than balls and substituted the brine for salt.…

Learn How The Irish Have Traveled The World

irish emigration

EPIC The Emigration Museum is one of the newest of Dublin Museums and beautiful addition to the narrative of the Irish influence upon the world — centrally situated located beside the River Liffey in the ancient cellars of the CHQ Building. In the neighbourhood of international companies, but also just a few steps apart from the famine memorial and the Jeanie Johnston famine ship.

But precisely what will await you when you dive into the bowels of the transformed warehouse?

Undoubtedly not a dusty museum, but a very immersive experience. That took us by surprise in a very positive way.…

WHO Research Highlights Obesity Crisis In Ireland

Who Research Ireland

The World Health Organisation, better known as WHO is the leading authority on health and well-being within the United Nations. This puts it in prime position to monitor the health status and trends of different nations.

The organisation splits into separate departments. The WHO Regional Office for Europe dealing with European issues over 53 countries and 29 member states. This includes Ireland, where WHO has uncovered some alarming trends and created some damning forecasts.

It is up to WHO to highlight key issues and the severity of problems. This is certainly the case with Ireland’s obesity epidemic.…

Environment Ireland 2016 Provides A Stark Warning On Climate Change Efforts

Environment Ireland 2016

The Environment Ireland 2016 event in Croke Park, Dublin, was more than just a gathering of like-minded people on the subject of climate change. It was a chance for politicians, industry experts, activists and more to learn and be more clearly heard.

Some of the proposals and facts presented will be of little surprise to those in the know. Others highlight the actual impact of climate change and how much Ireland needs to up its game in response.

Change needs to come quickly and efficiently, but current goals are lacking, and the goalposts can seem far away.…