Silicon Valley Seems To Have Moved To Dublin City


Dublin city center becomes ever more faithful to serving the trophy buildings of Silicon Valley’s trophy corporations, we “the locals” need to talk.

“We” actually means a much broader cross-section of Irish culture. The people of Dublin, if you will. These voices will need to be included in future planning decisions. These big decisions appear to prioritize adding more tech companies into a comparatively confined geographical area of our Dublin city.

For two decades now, the regular group of development firms, ministers, town officials, developers of property, and the technology business themselves, have massively weighted the measures towards the same upshot. More tech firms in Dublin city center, which will end up displacing the people who have lived in these neighborhoods for generations.…

How Far Are We Prepared To Go In The Development Of AI And Robotic Helpers?


Robotic devices have been a part of the home for a long time now. Cleaning aids like vacuum cleaners and related items have become as familiar as the standard vacuum.

In fact, we are likely to colloquially refer to a robot cleaner as a Roomba – regardless of brand – same as every vacuum cleaner is a Hoover. These simple devices are a part of many homes, and the technology has almost become outdated.

A clever system that can map a floor and avoid obstacles is child’s play. The 2015 BB8 droid is proof of that. There is, therefore, a desire but the bigger, better and smarter models. Recent advancements show how basic the Roomba is when looking for the best robotic servants.…

The Future Of Robotics And The Internet In Ireland’s Smart Homes

Smart Homes Ireland

The smart home is something that many homeowners strive towards in Ireland, and that goal has become more and more obtainable.

Developments in technology, AI, robotics and software mean that it is easier than ever to create the ideal home. We now have a diverse range of helpful, accessible devices, rather than a few novelties for the rich and famous.

Here are some of the key ways that homes will become smarter and more helpful in coming days:…

Some Of Ireland’s Major Players In The Development Of The Internet Of Things

Ireland Internet of Things

Digital technology and artificial intelligence research are all vital parts of the current technological climate in Ireland. There has recently been a strong rise in the number of start-ups, mergers and further developments in this area.

The nation’s leading technological giants and academic institutions have a strong focus on the internet of things. This means improved tech and connectivity to make the lives of Irish citizens better. This means new hardware and software for all kinds of applications.

The scope of the industry means many various companies and programmes are working on IoT developments here.…

The Future Of Artificial Intelligence In Ireland

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence in Ireland was a key focus of the Accenture’s annual Technology Vision 2017 report. The stats highlight some interesting views on both the current status of AI in Irish technology and its future.

It says that 71% of Irish customers surveyed said that they believed AI was the future for customer interactions and data. 25% went on to say it could be transformative for the nation.

For many companies looking into the future of AI in Ireland, the main interests here are language processing and the way that machines learn. The former is vital for a better understanding of natural voice patterns.…

How Thermal Imaging Saves Lives With The Irish Coastguard

Irish Coastguard

Thermal imaging cameras have only developed in sophistication, with impressive and clear images and sharp results. The breath of the modern spectrum is vast – from near infrared at 0.7 to 1.3 microns, to mid-infrared at 1.3 to 3 microns and thermal infrared at 3 microns to over 30 microns.

The Irish coastguard has proudly used infrared since the 1980s and modern Forward-Looking Infrared or FLIR are an invaluable tool.

The first benefit of thermal imaging for the coast guard is simple – efficient search and rescue operations.…

Intel’s Technological Partnerships In Ireland

Intel in Ireland

There is a theory called Moore’s Law that has come to be quite valuable to the developers of Intel. It states that the numbers of transistors that can fit onto a silicon chip will double every 18 months.

The accuracy of this 50-year-old statement means that there is a continual need for research and development.

Intel’s ventures into Ireland show how important it is for the company to branch out into new research projects and partnerships.…