Ireland Becoming A Green, Sustainable, Deep Tech, Innovation Leader

Ireland Becoming Green

Ireland is becoming innovative leader and going green. According to a survey by Science Foundation Ireland, the survey results revealed that while Irish people believe science can improve their lives, the impact of Covid-19 has changed their expectations. Today, Simon Harris, TD, Minister for Further and Higher Education, Research, Innovation, and Science, launched the Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) 2020 annual report.

SFI-funded researchers contributed significantly to the global response of COVID-19 and other strategic areas of importance to society, the economy, and society. SFI’s Five-Point Plan encouraged the Irish Government’s National Action Plan. In 2020, EUR 22.8 million was invested in 84 COVID-19 innovation and research projects.…

Royal Dublin Society Addressing Their Culture And The Economy

The Royal Dublin Society

On 25 June 1731, a group of visionaries and patriots met for the first time and formed the Royal Dublin Society, RDS. They were thinkers who believed in the power of ideas, and of turning these ideas into action.  Their assignment was to put ideas into actions that could transform Ireland by creating a vibrant, thriving economy and culture.

For around 300 years, the RDS has responded to Ireland’s priorities and needs, addressing gaps in the evolution of our economy and culture that have shaped the nation. The RDS organized the planting of 55 million trees to produce timber and make better use of their land.…

Latest Research Suggest Vikings Brought Illness To Ireland

Vikings brought leprosy to Ireland

New Irish research suggests that the Vikings caused leprosy in Ireland. The claim comes after the examination of the remains excavated from Irish cemeteries. The study focused on five probable cases of leprosy from the human skeletal remains.

The researchers were drawn from the Queen’s University Belfast, the University of Southampton and the University of Surrey. The researchers examined the skeletal remains of three individuals that were excavated from a cemetery in Dublin. The other two remains came from Co Antrim and Co Kildare in Ireland.

Interestingly, none of these three individuals examined appear to have been a local in Dublin. One might have been from Northern Ireland or was a British. According to the study, the remaining two individuals grew up in Scandinavia and were therefore foreign in Dublin.…

Economic And Political Overview Of Ireland

Economic and Political Ireland

Economic Outline

Ireland, one of the richest and peaceful sovereign island nation in Northern Europe, suffered major economic setbacks in 2008. This island state had to put up with the international financial crisis and the Eurozone crisis after that.

Surprisingly, Ireland was able to pull through all these tough times and its economy finally recovered. For instance, in 2015, its real GDP grew by 4.5%. By the year 2016, the same got consolidated to 4.9%.

Domestic demand majorly supported the remarkable growth. However, the GDP growth is expected to decline by 3.2% in 2017.…

The Inaugural TEDx Talk Event At Trinity College Dublin

Tedx Talk Dublin

The TED Talk is a modern day phenomenon that has captured the interest and imagination of people across the world. The premise is simple. A speaker has a stage upon which to present an idea to a wider audience.

With a name that means technology, entertainment and design, there is a wide range of potential subjects and demographics to target here. The videos reach an audience that expands beyond the auditorium.

The creation of the TEDx Talks takes this to a new level. Subjects and symposiums on a theme are now brought together with different speakers with a key interest in common.

On March 28th, this occurred at Trinity College Dublin. Here they held their first TEDx event at the Tercentenary Theatre of the Trinity Biomedical Sciences Institute.…